We’ve Moved To Detroit, Launched Eight & Sand

The Detroit Bus Company Relocates to Hamtramck, Launches Eight & Sand

Press Release – October 4th, 2013 – 3901 Christopher, Hamtramck, MI

As of October 1st, 2013, The Detroit Bus Company has moved all of its operations from its previous office in downtown Detroit and a depot in Ferndale to a historic factory in the southeastern corner of Hamtramck.

Launched in 2012 to tackle transit issues in the City of Detroit, the DBC primarily serves local area youth through their Youth Transit Alliance program funded by The Skillman Foundation. They also offer charter services to local area companies and produce their own line of informative tours on subjects like pre-automotive Detroit history, historic Detroit bars, local architecture, food systems and a host of other topics. Andy Didorosi, the founder …

Our New Private Charters Page is Live!

This is one of those things that’s probably only interesting to the folks that live it, but we’ve been working very hard on getting our new Private Charters page up and running so we can show you what we do great.

Take a look at our new Rent page and see what you think. If you have any comments or concerns, email us at hello@thedetroitbus.com. Thank you.

Detroit Bus Company takes Frontier Anarchy out west!

By now, a lot of you have met our friend Amy Elliot Bragg; she’s a pretty awesome gal. An amateur historian, she’s spent the last couple years regaling us with stories of Detroit’s early years on her blog, Night Train to Detroit.  Her style is freewheeling, joyful and even a bit mischievous, as evidenced by her book Hidden History of Detroit.  It’s the most fun you’re going to have reading about Detroit’s frontier days, hands down.

In person, she’s pretty much the same way.  She’s been leading our “Frontier Anarchy” tour for a couple months now, and it’s a blast.  She guides us around the city, plays history bingo, shows some old-timey Detroit landmarks and tells stories about the early days of the city: forgotten gamblers who loved bad jokes, Civil …

DBC 2.0 and The Year Of The Bus

2012 was the year of the bus. We learned how to get a bus company off the ground with very little. We learned what it takes to make a reliable schedule, to offer proper customer service and how to change a water pump on a bus in under 20 minutes in the parking lot. We learned that there’s a concentrated excitement around and about Detroit’s revival – more than we could have ever imagined. Most of all, we learned that there’s a massive need to get around quickly and safely.

This is what a killer sound system looks like after UPS delivers it. In a few hours, it will be delivering sound to your ears.


This weekend’s essentials for the Detroit Bus Company bar-hopping service Greetings, Detroit revellers.

Just a reminder that we’re on target for another attack on the downtown bar scene. Get your party shoes on and head for the bus because this weekend we have a very special new feature: a brand-spanking new sound system, being installed today, fresh off the docks. And a quick but important note: The Suburban Express bus is offline this weekend as it gets its heart fixed — the all-important diesel injectors need cleaning. It’s worth it not only because it means the engine will continue working, but also it drastically reduces smelly exhaust fumes, and we’re here to help reduce traffic and emissions, not increase them. A few events for motivation: B Williams Experiment at …