Leave your car at home! We’re headed to MO POP Festival 2017! YEAH!

Special event! Full Weekend Pass! Get there and back BOTH days!

Shuttle Pass: $49.99
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Leave your car at home!

I mean, really. Picture this. It’s July 29th. You’re all ready to make your way to MO POP Festival 2017. All you want to do is dance, eat, sing and drink your weekend away. You don’t want to worry about finding and paying parking, right?

The Detroit Bus Company is offering you the coolest Detroit transit to the coolest Detroit festival on the coolest Detroit bus. So hop on the bus and let’s do this!

What exactly am I getting for my bucks?

All-Access Bus Pass

To the bus that is. This pass get’s your ride to and from MO POP Festival both Saturday and Sunday! Note: This DOES NOT include your ticket to the festival. I mean, that should be pretty obvious but here it is in plain old words.

Where do I get on?

So we want to make things easy for you. We will have two pick up points both Saturday and Sunday. The first one will be in Royal Oak at Gusoline Alley at 12:00pm noon. The second pick up point will be in Ferndale behind Rosie O’Grady’s at 12:30pm. Both locations have cheap or free public parking.

How do I get back?

We know, we know. You never want the music to stop, but it has to at some point. For MO POP Festival 2017 that point is 11PM. The Bus will be waiting right where you got off and departing at 11:30pm. That should give you enough time to say goodbye to your new festival romance and finish that craft beer you’ll be enjoying. The Bus then will make the trip back to Ferndale and Royal Oak, getting you home safe and sound.


What’s the schedule?

  1. We’re picking up at 2 locations. Gusoline Alley in Royal Oak and behind Rosie O’Grady’s in Ferndale. 
  2.  First we’ll head to Gusoline Alley in Royal Oak. Pick up will be at 12:00pm noon.
  3. Second we will pull up behind Rosie O’Grady’s in Ferndale and pick up riders there at 12:30pm.
  4. We drop you off at MO POP Festival to party your pants off.
  5. MO POP Festival ends at 11pm and we will be parked where you got off earlier that day. The bus will depart at 11:30pm, returning you to your pick up location!

What’s the refund policy?
We’ll gladly refund your tickets in full seven days prior to the day of the event. After that, there’s no refunds. Sorry to be so mean about it.


Can I buy just one day? Or one ride?
Nope! All passes are for both days, and also for there and back. Seats are limited.

What happens if I miss the bus? Will the bus wait for me if I’m late?
Unfortunately we can’t hold up the bus for late comers, there’s a schedule we gotta keep. Be on time!

Can I drink on the bus?
Yup! You can’t take drinks off the bus or into the festival though. Plan to bring your trash with you and toss it before heading into the festival.

What about food and soft drinks?
Snacks and soft drinks are cool! We just ask you take your trash with you when you exit the bus!

What if I can’t show up? Will my friend be able to go instead?
Totally. Just let us know ahead of time via help@thedetroitbus.com and we’ll update your tickets with the new name or send them with your printed tickets.

Will you be selling extra seats at the bus?
Nope. Sorry. All passes gotta be bought online. There’s a limited number of seats and we want you to have plenty of room – no roof riders no matter how cool that might sound.

What about weather SNAFUs?
We live in Michigan. Sometimes Mother Nature likes to throw us a curveball. We keep safety as our highest priority. In case of gnarly weather, you’ll receive an email the day of the event with a raincheck/snowcheck date. If you cannot make the rescheduled date, you’ll get a voucher good for a future tour with us.


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