Detroit Photo Tour: Street Art

An epic 4-hour photography tour, led by a professional photographer, highlighting street art, sculpture and installations city-wide. You’ll be that one person at the party who knows everything in no time.

Tickets: $58.99
Dates now through October!
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This tour runs once every 3 weeks.

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Are you ready to expose your creative side?

Get it..? EXPOSE?! Hahahah. ha ha. Anyway, The Detroit Bus Co. is happy to announce the addition of Detroit photography tours to our lineup. If you’re all about the halide or if you’re partial to the pixel, this is the tour for you. We will take you some places you may have heard about and some places you never knew existed.

Every tour is expertly guided by a professional photographer, who’s there to help you make the most out of your photographs. Everything from camera settings to new perspectives. The pro is an open book.

We also got some cool swag, you’ll be really excited about.

What exactly am I getting for my bucks?


Take part in a photographic experience that guides you in the right direction but gives you the freedom to explore for yourself. Find your own picture perfect moment.


Finding something new and undiscovered isn’t hard with the freedom this photo tour provides.


Every tour includes the insight and guidance of a professional photographer, who’s there to help or give you ideas on how to get the most out of your camera and photographs.


Detroit has a long and sorted history with street art. But these days there has been an massive undertaking to bring street art out of the shadows and into the mainstream. With the help of not only Detroit artists, but artists from around the world, Detroit has become a culture oasis of street art, sculpture and installation. We will take you on a journey to show you some of the best street art Detroit has to offer, as well as provide some history on the murals and the meanings behind some of them. This tour is all ages, but if you’re under 18 you’ll need a parent or guardian to go on this adventure with you.


We’ll have a real, live professional photographer guiding each and every tour tasked with helping you get the most out of your gear. Every photographer can improve, from the newest amateur up to the seasoned professional. We’ll discuss composition, format, post processing, the exposure triangle and tons more. Get your learning caps on.


What’s the schedule?

This tour starts at 12:00pm noon SHARP!

Where do I start my adventure?

Boarding is at Foran’s Grand Trunk Pub. Amazing eats and drinks, so don’t be shy about showing up early and diggin’ in.

What’s the refund policy?
We’ll gladly refund your tickets in full seven days prior to the day of the event. After that, there’s no refunds. Sorry to be so mean about it.


I’m a beginner. Is this tour too advanced for me?
Negatory! This tour is perfect for you. Not only do you get to explore and discover new things to photograph, but you’ll have the help of our professional photographer leading the tour and providing useful tips to make the most out of your experience.

I’m a pro. Is this tour too basic for me?
Hey hey, we didn’t call you any names… But seriously, No. You’ll have a blast! Take this opportunity to gain some new inspiration. You might see some things you’ve already seen, but you’ll definitely see some things you haven’t. Make friends, grow the photography community and who knows, you might learn something new!

What gear is required for this tour?
Just a camera! Anything from a point-and-shoot to a bajillion dollar DSLR is cool with us. If you’re feeling extra experimental, maybe a small, lightweight tripod that fits on your lap.

What should I wear?
Dress for the weather! We also suggest some comfortable footwear. You’re going to be doing some walking and we want to make sure you stay dry and comfy!

What happens if I miss the bus? Will the bus wait for me if I’m late?
NOPE! No, but really… we won’t wait. So please please please be on time! We got stuff to explore and photos to take!

Can I drink on the bus?
Feel free to bring non-alcoholic beverages on board for this one. We want to leave the booze at home though. Booze and expensive camera gear don’t often play nice together.

What about food?
Snacks or bag lunches are welcome! But you should probably fill up before-hand just in case.

What if I can’t show up? Will my friend be able to go instead?
Totally. Just let us know ahead of time via and we’ll update your tickets with the new name or send them with your printed tickets.

Will you be selling extra seats at the bus?
Nope. Sorry. All passes gotta be bought online. There’s a limited number of seats and we want you to have plenty of room – no roof riders no matter how badass that might sound.

What about weather SNAFUs?
We live in Michigan. Sometimes Mother Nature likes to throw us a curveball. We keep safety as our highest priority. In case of gnarly weather, you’ll receive an email the day of the event with a raincheck/snowcheck date. If you cannot make the rescheduled date, you’ll get a voucher good for a future tour with us.

PSST! We also offer a private tour version of this experience. Reach out to us to book for your group.


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