Even the ordinary can become something wonderful.

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Buses are boring, right? It’s usually not one of the fun parts of planning an event. Just rent one that seats enough people, make sure Grandma is happy and hope it shows up on time.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Look: You’re cool. We’re cool. Let’s make some bus magic together.

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Here’s some of what makes a DBC trip better:

Way Cooler Buses.

Say goodbye to the clapped-out hot pink party bus. Yuck times infinity. We renovate vintage buses with hand-painted murals by local artists, fresh technology features like GPS tracking and USB-ready sound systems and keep them all maintained through a 45-point weekly inspection.

What’s that all mean? It means we’re going to have a super rad time together without the hiccups.

Happy Friendly Drivers.

Meet Rolan. Rolan is the bomb dot com. He’s one of our team drivers and he’s here to make your event go off without a hitch. We’re nothing without our wonderful drivers so we make sure to give them the tools they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience in all situations.

We believe happy drivers make happy customers so we pay a thriving wage to everyone. Team DBC is in it to win it.

Biofuel Powered.

Clean air is everybody’s responsibility. We’re doing our bit by running 100% of our vehicles off of renewable American-made biodiesel fuel produced from soy. We want our planet to stick around and be breathable for our kids, our kids kids and their kids kids.

Biodiesel is just the first step on a long journey to zero emissions. We’re going to keep pushing technology forward.

What are you waiting for?

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