Hello! Nice to meet you.

We're the DBC and we're a small bus company.


One day, while we were reading the local paper, a headline flashed before us:

"Detroit light rail project is dead."

The Detroit Free Press www.freep.com

Now, this was no great surprise. Many a solution to our city’s transit issues came and went over the past decade. Budget cuts whittled away at the effectiveness of our current bus system while a raging financial crisis took away the very jobs we were trying to get to in the first place.
Those of us lucky enough to still be working in this town had our wages cut, our livelihoods shrunk smaller and smaller still. We, as a hardy bunch, could survive another disappointment following the big wallop of excitement that’s been building ever since they uttered the words, “light rail.”
We can, and will again, but this time enough is enough. It’s time this city had a regional transit system to be proud of; something to call our own. We took to arms, put our mettle on the line and started something right here, right now, to work towards bringing our city back to the shining example of innovation and connectivity it used to be.

We call it The Detroit Bus Company.


With daily routes, special events and private rentals, we’re building a strong company that’ll shoulder our growing transit issue and get people back to work – starting now.


So join up, get on and let’s put our city back on wheels. It’s time we got moving.

  Get On!


Andy Didorosi, a 26-year old Detroit native, is the president and founder of The Detroit Bus Company. A Crain’s 20 in their 20’s winner, he also owns Paper Street, the arts and business campus; The Thunderdrome!, a local racing series; Wireless Ferndale, a free community wifi project; and BuildingMinder, a property maintenance, management and asset liquidation company. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter, if you like.