DBC’s Play Free Bird Big Scooter Giveaway

Last year we started an experiment where we recharged Bird and Lime electric scooters to see how people were using them. What we found was that a lot of the scooters were being used by kids in the neighborhoods even though they couldn’t turn them on.

We figured it was pretty inconsiderate to drop off these super cool toys in the middle of a neighborhood and not have a method for kids to ride them – so we set off to get these kids and others throughout Detroit their very own scooters. Check out the article by clicking this.

Earlier this year – thanks to the generous donations of a ton of donors – we were able to give 167 kids at an elementary school each their own scooter and helmet right before spring break. That was incredibly fun as you can imagine.

NOW in the next phase of our project we’re giving out 250 more scooters and helmets to kids all across Detroit, Highland Park and Hamtramck.

To enter for a chance to win a scooter and helmet:

Send us a video of how this scooter (and helmet) might improve your life. Where would you go on it? What would you do with it? Tell us your story in a short video. If you’re not comfortable talking on camera, show us your world and where you’d ride it. We want to know about you.

We’re going to choose 250 kids to receive their very own brand new scooter and helmet via these video submissions. We’re actually going to deliver them straight to your house.

Rules and stuff:

  1. You’ve gotta be 18 or younger to win a scooter – or be attending high school.
  2. You’ve gotta live in Detroit, Highland Park or Hamtramck.
  3. If you’re under 18 you need a parent or guardian to complete your submission with you.
  4. We reserve the right to distribute the scooters and helmets at our discretion.
  5. We’re only able to give out scooters while supplies last. We’re guessing these are going to go pretty quick so get your video in if you’d like to try to get one!
  6. We can’t guarantee a scooter for everyone who enters.
  7. Parents/guardians will need to sign a waiver because that’s just how the world works I guess.

Thanks to our crazy generous sponsor Razor Scooter who donated literally an entire truckload of scooters to this project. And thank you so much to each and every one of our donors who gave money and scooters to this project. You can see all of the project finances by clicking here.

If you want to learn more about our non-profit that does this work, Ride for Ride Inc., click here. If you want to learn more about The Detroit Bus Company, our local social benefit company that makes all of this possible, click here.

If you’re a company or individual who wants to donate to our cause you can email me directly at andy@detroitindie.com and I’ll do my best to respond to you in a timely manner.