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Hand Sanitizer from The Arsenal of Clean

Medical-grade 80% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer manufactured to WHO and CDC right here in Detroit in our FDA-registered facility.

Comes in gallon, half gallon, quart, 4oz and 2oz sizes. Available to the public. New lower prices as of 6/12/20

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Crazy times call for crazy ideas. Panic buying has caused hand sanitizer to be one of the scarcest items out there. So we built an FDA-registered sanitizer factory to make sure it’s available and affordable for all.

This is true alcohol-based hand sanitizer liquid manufactured in a clean environment to stringent standards. It includes skin emollients to protect and moisturize your hands as it cleans them. Our product is 100% plant-based, vegan and all-natural.

We are currently offering quarts, half gallons and gallon jugs.

Here’s what’s inside:

99.998% Strength Food-grade ethyl alcohol to kill viruses and bacteria. Definitely not for drinking! Made in Kansas.

Food-grade glycerin to make your hands soft and smooth. Made in Baltimore, MD.

Hydrogen peroxide – Just like in your medicine cabinet. Made in Pittsburg, PA.

Distilled water – Filtered right here. Even though Detroit has the cleanest water in the country already.


1. Ship directly to you!

We ship everywhere in 49 states via UPS. (Sorry Hawaii!) All orders over $99 ship totally free! Cool, right?

2. Local pickup at our Corktown HQ

We offer free contactless curbside pickup at our HQ at 1990 Bagley, Detroit, MI 48216 on Monday and Wednesday from 10:00AM ’til 6:00PM — and 10:00AM ’til 5:00PM on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Choose “local pickup” at checkout to do this.

You can now also buy direct during pickup days with cash or credit card! Cool!


For every bottle sold, we donate a bottle to Meals on Wheels Detroit. We’ve partnered up with them to deliver sanitizer to over 4,000+ homes in need throughout Wayne County. This is continuation of our Ride for Ride mission. Click here to read more on Ride for Ride. We’ve got a long history of giving back including our Play Free Bird scooter giveaway.

The Detroit Bus Company is a registered L3C social benefit company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this stuff real hand sanitizer?

A: Very much! We did all the proper research, consulted some experts and are manufacturing this product to the stringent World Health Organization guidelines which you can see here: https://www.who.int/gpsc/5may/Guide_to_Local_Production.pdf — If you’re buying hand sanitizer anywhere else make sure it follows these guidelines!

Q: Is this a liquid or a gel?

A: Our product is a liquid. It’s water thin. We’re manufacturing it exactly to the World Health Organization standards for maximum effectiveness. Gels like aloe vera can make sanitizers less effective. This is the same type of product that a field surgeon would use if they didn’t have access to soap and hot water.

If you’re looking to put this into smaller bottles it can help to add a sprayer. Or you can just pour a little bit in the palm of your hand like we do.

Q: Why is it cheaper now? What happened?

A: We’re working to push the price down as low as possible so more people can afford to have plenty of sanitizer. We’re buying our ingredients by the truckload now and that bulk savings helps us offer a more affordable product. We’re in this to help.

Q: Why don’t you make smaller bottles?

A: We want to be able to produce this product quickly and get it out to a lot of people. Larger bottles are simpler. Some folks have bought a gallon and split it up into smaller bottles within their community.

Q: I used to get hand sanitizer so much cheaper at Costco! Why is this so expensive? ARE YOU PRICE GOUGING?

A: Companies like Purell get giant savings from economies of scale. We’re a very small outfit that has to buy materials at retail prices. Plus, because of the pandemic, all of the pieces that go into this are super marked up by the manufacturers. For example, we had to pay 80% over standard for our truckload of alcohol.

Q: Okay, so then how did you price this? 

A: The price for this product is just the cost of materials and production plus a fair margin so we can keep doing it. We have to pay for things like our facility where we produce it, safety gear to produce it in a sanitary environment, equipment to handle it and about a million other little things. We’re doing our best to offer this as cheaply as possible.

Q: Why then are you doing all of this?

A: It’s a pandemic! A global pandemic! We wanted to find a way to help out rather than just sitting still. We’re good at systems and processes so this is the best idea we had to give back to our community. Stuff like hand sanitizer can actually save lives now.

Plus, we’re a small business that can’t do anything since our buses are parked. We’re trying our best just to keep our head above water and stay in business so we can serve you after this whole thing blows over.

Q: Are you actually going to ship my sanitizer?

A: Yep! We’ve shipped thousands of bottles so far and we’re shipping more each day. Right now we are shipping all orders placed before 4:00PM EST on business days. We’ve been in business since 2011 and we’re all about keeping our promises.

Q: Can I get a refund if I don’t use mine?

A: Nope. There aren’t any refunds on this product except if yours was somehow defective. If yours shows up damaged, send us a picture to help@thedetroitbus.com and we’ll get it replaced.

Q: I’ve got some questions about this. Who can I talk to?

A: You bet! The best way is to email us at help@thedetroitbus.com so we can respond to you quickly. You can also call us at 313-444-2871.

photos are courtesy of Derek Cookson of imakeyoulookawesome.com

Looking for bulk pricing on orders of 100 gallons or more? Or are you a retailer looking to set up a wholesale account? Email us at support@thedetroitbus.com with your business details.

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128oz Jug with Pump, 64oz Jug with Pump, 128oz Jug (Gallon), 64oz Jug (Half Gallon), 32oz Jug (Quart), 4oz Little Bottle – 12 Pack, 2oz Tiny Bottle – 20 Pack

12 reviews for Hand Sanitizer from The Arsenal of Clean

  1. Alan Languirand

    Great quality product! It has a thing consistency (not hand gel) so might be a little different from what you’d buy in pump bottle. Doesn’t dry out hands and seems great for cleaning both hands and devices. It’s super inspiring to see the Detroit Bus Company team get this operation going so quickly and filling this need in the market at a very fair price!

  2. Brandy

    great quality product. we picked some up for work and a couple of us got it for personal use as well. it is more of a spray-able liquid rather than gel. we couldn’t be happier to see a Detroit company providing products in a time like this. thank you!

  3. Tressa (verified owner)

    Awesome product! On point with price.

  4. Erica Shirley (verified owner)

    Great product! Will order more to give to friends. Thank you guys!!

  5. Roger Noffke (verified owner)

    Awesome product all around. I found this after looking for hand sanitizer for weeks. DBC should be proud of themselves for doing this. This is what America is all about. You are a lifesaver. Many thanks.

  6. Christina M. (verified owner)

    Excellent service! My 2 gallons of sanitizer was shipped quickly and securely. This sanitizer also doesn’t have an odor (like some from distilleries) and my hands feel soft after using it.

  7. Katie Mason (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, shipped quickly and with a great note! Am recommending your product to everyone! Also love the option for getting onto an email waitlist when you’re sold out, thank you for that. Am looking forward to when the smaller sizes come out.

  8. Curtis (verified owner)

    It makes a rough martini (just kidding), but works great for your hands. Shipped quickly and securely. Added a little essential oil of choice for scent and loaded into 2oz mist spray bottles for travel.

  9. Nicole K.

    Ordered hand sanitizer after reading the ingredients on the bottles I had bought at the grocery store and finding that I wasn’t sure they were actually protecting me from anything. I know exactly what’s in this stuff so I feel much better about slathering my hands fifty thousand times a day. Lightening fast delivery – placed the order in the afternoon on Tuesday and it arrived in Chicago on Wednesday morning (how?!).

  10. Rob

    I ordered 8 gallons out in California and had it in a couple of days. We use the gallons at our small elementary school. It is a great product at a fair price and I don’t worry about what is in it. I miss no opportunity to tell my students about supporting their community, like you do. The giving to your community Rocks! Keep up the good work and get in Good Trouble!

  11. Jodi S

    I purchased some and put it in small spray bottles as gifts. All of my kids have a bottle (2 at college) and I keep a large bottle of it on my counter.
    What I like about it is that I can use it to wipe down my counters after bringing in groceries, and also spray it on my hands.
    When I have to go to a hotel, I spray down the surfaces and wipe them down and feel like the place is cleaner and sanitized! I love this stuff. I have bought a couple gallons and have ordered some gallons for friends.

  12. Jan O (verified owner)

    Love The Arsenal of Clean, it keeps the hands clean without being sticky. I use it on my phone and touchpads too. We use it at our business of manufacturing personal care products, every time we are changing our gloves from one ingredient to the next we sanitize the hands. We figure we must use it at least 50x a day. Thanks for making such a great product.

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