Truly regional transit designed for a growing metropolis.


We’re building a system of public services to reinvent how southeastern Michigan gets around and doing it safer, faster, greener and more affordably than ever before. We’ve built our company on innovative technologies, modern bio-fuels and an uncommonly strong focus on customer service. Hop aboard.

Youth Transit Alliance

Free rides for students to after school programs in Southwest and Chadsey-Condon

Transportation is a lynchpin issue in education. While there’s 90+ quality after school and youth employment programs in SW Detroit and Chadsey-Condon, there’s very few ways to get there. Therefore, attendance in these programs is much lower than it should be. Our program, backed by The Skillman Foundation, addresses these needs directly using a revolutionary new system to get students to their programs and home safely in a quick, efficient manner.

The Great Commuter Survey of the Millennium

I guess you can say all sorts of things are the “biggest of the Millennium” when you’re only 14 years in.

It’s our task to make getting around Detroit easier and what sucks more than getting to work? Even more than that, what if you don’t have a reliable way to get there? We’re working on one big whizbang solution but we need your help. We need to know a little info about your commute so we can build the best service possible right out of the gate. It’s only three questions and helps us out a lot. Take a look and weigh in!