The DBC Vote Bus

We believe more Detroiters would vote if they had convenient, reliable transportation to the polls. We’re going to test that out this November!

Detroit hasn’t had a stellar voter turnout in the last dozen elections. It’s pretty easy to see why when people are working longer hours further away with difficult and untimely public transportation. Overall this has led to the people that most need to be represented not attending the polls! Which is a bummer!

This year we had the idea to mobilize our fleet to try and remedy this situation in part. We’re targeting the districts that have had the lowest voter turnout per capita and providing free bus and car rides directly to the polls and then back home. We’re going to see how many people we can help make their voice heard at the ballot box.

If this goes well this is something we hope to do every election! You can get more details at on how to volunteer, how to get rides and other ways you can help out.

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