DBC Friends and Family Booking Portal

Hello DBC Friend!

We made this special booking portal so you can enter your run requests directly into our booking system. This should save us both a ton of time so we can get you your quotation and agreement as quickly as possible – along with being able to offer you our K-12, Non-Profit and University discounts.

Click this big button to enter your trip request:

A few important things to know before you press that button:

  1. Using our quote request form is just like requesting a quote from before – meaning your bus is not reserved until we’ve received back a signed contract and at least a deposit payment.
  2. Your Departure Date, Departure Time and Departure Point is where and when you want to be picked up.
  3. Use the “Add Point” button to add your stops along the way. This is usually the place you’re visiting, like an aquarium or sports field.
  4. Your last Destination Point, Dropoff Date and Dropoff time is where you want to be dropped at the end of your reservation. This is usually the same as the Departure Point because you typically want to get back to where you started! 🙂
  5. When you hit “Request Quote” that quote request goes directly into our big computer system and we’ll handle it as quick as we can.

Thanks! If you have any questions, hit us up at 313-444-2871 or bookings@thedetroitbus.com.