Announcing Ride for Ride

When we launched The Detroit Bus Company back in 2012, we built our little company around one simple mission — helping people get where they needed to go. We bought a 17-year-old bus we named Bettis, and had a friend paint her up so she looked decent. We ran some routes and did the best we could, but we had a lot to learn.

Driving around the neighborhoods, we realized that one group in particular needed safe, reliable transportation to get around — Detroit kids. Many didn’t have a safe way to get to their school or after-school programs. We wanted to help. The Skillman Foundation saw what we were doing and gave us a boost to fund an experimental program. It went great, but it was only a start. We were determined to find a consistent way to provide free rides to Detroit’s kids without going out of business doing it.

Announcing Ride for Ride. Starting today, every seat purchased on one of our tours will directly provide a ride to school or an after-school program to a Detroit child in need. We’ll track all of these rides and make the data available for all to see. You’ll be able to see what schools and programs your rides are providing.

We love showing off our city. There’s so much history, so many challenges and so much beauty that we can give tours seven days a week to thousands of people and still not even scratch the surface of things to learn and experience. We do what we do because we’re passionate about having fun in Detroit — but that fun can also be a tool to provide safe, reliable transportations to kids who desperately need more opportunities. That’s what we call a win-win.

If you and enough of your friends hop aboard our buses, we can work toward a future where every kid in Detroit gets where they need to go without any fear or worry about how they’ll get there.
It’s a big dream, but we’re used to dreaming big.

Please check out our current tours and book a seat today to show your support.

Thanks for following us on our journey. We’ll keep striving for a better tomorrow.

Andy Didorosi
Founder, The Detroit Bus Company

PS: We’ve got a brand new tour out called Detroit Untapped: The Craft Brewery and Distillery Tour in partnership with our friends over at The Detroit Free Press. Take a look.

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