Lines & Measures: Three Theaters by C. Howard Crane

Get ready to gain unprecedented access to three of Detroit’s most famous performance spaces designed by Detroit architect C. Howard Crane.

Special event! October 27th and November 3rd only!

Limited tickets available.

Tour Pass: $62.99/person
+ Optional DSO Main Floor Ticket for after the tour: $25.00 additional

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C. Howard Crane is one of the most prolific architects of the last century.

Go deep with three of his masterpiece spaces.

Our friends at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra reached out to us to let us know that their Orchestra Hall is turning 100 (!) this year. That’s a big deal, so to celebrate we’ve put a very special tour together of three performance spaces designed by Detroit architect C. Howard Crane.

Crane is responsible for a dizzying amount of the spaces in Detroit and beyond. We’re grateful to be in a town with such an abundance of these spaces – and now we’re going way behind-the-scenes for this very special occasion.

This is entirely different than our usual theater tour — we never thought it would be possible to get on stage of places like the DSO’s Orchestra Hall, Detroit Opera Theater and The Fillmore but – as it turns out – dreams do come true.

Where We’re Going

We’re traveling to three of C.H. Crane’s architectural masterpieces so you can go behind-the-scenes and see how they tick:

  • The DSO’s Orchestra Hall

  • The Detroit Opera House

  • The Fillmore (Formerly known as the State Theater)

What exactly am I getting for my bucks?

An All-Access Pass

We’ve secured special access you will not get if you simply go to see a performance or film at one of these venues. That’s a promise.

The Real History

Stories about the history of Detroit as a world-class theater destination while visiting some of the places that contribute to that reputation. We’ll take you backstage, behind the scenes and into the areas most people will never see.

Free Parking at the DSO

A $10 value! Everyone loves free parking!


Our friends at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra went and made this really really special:

For just an extra $25/person you’re getting MAIN FLOOR TICKETS to the show the afternoon of your tour! That’s Strauss on the 27th and Jason Alexander on the 3rd. That’s a 50% discount!

Just select the DSO Ticket option at checkout to get your beautiful tix.



What’s the schedule?

  1. We’re meeting in front of the DSO’s Orchestra Hall at 3711 Woodward Avenue at 10:15AM. As a ticket holder you can park for free at the DSO’s garage on Parsons. Bring your confirmation email with you for the parking attendant.
  2. We’ll have you back to the DSO and the tour wrapped up around 1:30PM. The amount of time spent at each location will vary, but we’ll have a guide with everyone at each stop to ensure no one gets left behind.
  3. If you’ve bought the additional tickets to the DSO show that afternoon just stick around – you’re already in the right place!
  4. Bring snacks, concessions may be available for purchase at the theaters, but it’s better to be safe than sorry (and hangry).

What’s the refund policy?
We’ll gladly refund your tickets in full seven days prior to the day of the event. After that, there’s no refunds. Sorry to be so mean about it.


What happens if I miss the bus? Will the bus wait for me if I’m late?
Unfortunately we can’t hold up the bus for late comers, there’s a schedule we gotta keep. Be on tiiiime.

Can I drink on the bus?
Not for this one folks. Seeing and appreciating some of Detroit’s most protected sites requires sharp minds and deliberate steps.

What about food and soft drinks?
Snacks and soft drinks are cool! We just ask you leave them on the bus when we enter our locations. These locations aren’t plastic-wrapped like grandma’s couch.

What if I can’t show up? Will my friend be able to go instead?
Totally. Just let us know ahead of time via and we’ll update your tickets with the new name or send them with your printed tickets.

Will you be selling extra seats at the bus?
Nope. Sorry. All passes gotta be bought online. There’s a limited number of seats and we want you to have plenty of room – no roof riders no matter how cool that might sound.

What about weather SNAFUs?
We live in Michigan. Sometimes Mother Nature likes to throw us a curveball. We keep safety as our highest priority. In case of gnarly weather, you’ll receive an email the day of the event with a raincheck/snowcheck date. If you cannot make the rescheduled date, you’ll get a voucher good for a future tour with us.


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