Memory Tapes: A Michigan Central Station Tour


Explore the storied history of Michigan Central Station with first-hand accounts from locals, workers, travelers, and explorers with our free GPS-enabled audio tour.

Adults: Free
Kids: Free
Beavers: Free
The Nain Rouge: Not Allowed
Everyone/thing Else: Free

This is an audio tour that is available any time. We recommend doing it during daylight hours. 

The tour takes place entirely outside in Roosevelt Park at 2405 Vernor Hwy (the intersection of Vernor and Michigan Avenue).



Few buildings have such a hold over Detroit as the Michigan Central Station. From its time as a train station, to its years as one of the country’s most iconic ruins, to the announcement that it will serve as a future home for Ford Motor Company, Michigan Central Station is a building long analogous with the ebb and flow of Detroit’s reputation. 

We love this building, and so do many, many other Detroiters. So we decided to talk with some of those Detroiters and record their stories of the train station. We spoke with former railroad employees, people who used the station to travel, people who explored it as a ruin in the 90s, and people who are involved with the reconstruction of the station today. We liked these stories so much, we decided to make them available to you for free. 

This tour works differently from the tours we’ve done in the past. To make this a social-distance safe experience, you’ll have the ability to download the audio tour onto your phone, travel to the station, and activate the stories at your own pace and distance. Each story is 1 – 2 minutes long and gives you a glimpse into the memory of someone whose life has been intertwined with the station in some way or another.  It’s very easy and we’ll guide you along the way.

Know Before you Go:

  • We recommend downloading the tour ahead of time on WiFi to avoid streaming charges. 
  • Keep your eyes up! Stay aware of your surroundings and be mindful when crossing roads.  Cars are real and they hurt bad.
  • Please leave the construction workers alone. They have tons of work to do.
  • The fence area around the train station is private property. Please be polite to the security guards if they ask you to move.



Will this tour get me into the station?

It will not 🙁 The station is currently closed to the public. It will, however, regale you with tales of the inside of the station. 

How do I access the tour?

Once you click “Book Now” and hit us with your information, we’ll send you an instructional PDF for accessing the tour. 

What kind of technology do I need for this?

You’ll need to download an app to access the tour. We recommend downloading the tour over wifi so that you can avoid any streaming fees. A good pair of headphones (individuals) or a bluetooth speaker (groups) are great options, but you can also listen to these stories through the good old- fashioned speaker on your phone. 

Is there parking available? 

Follow the signs! There is plenty of paid parking, parking lots, and free street parking available in the Michigan Central Station area. 

Is there a bathroom onsite?

There is not, but depending on when you go, there are businesses in the Corktown and Mexicantown areas that you can stop by for a drink and/or a meal that do have bathrooms available. 


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