NIGHT LOOP: The Hop On Hop Off Detroit Bar Crawl

Why go to one bar when you can go to ALL OF THE BARS? Well, most of them. We’re hitting it for real as we blast through every bar in Downtown and Corktown on a continuous loop. Hop on and off as much as you want through the night.

Special event! Just one date. Saturday, February 29th

LOOP RIDER: $25 all night pass for Detroit loop from 8:00PM until 1:30AM.

PRO MODE: $35 ride to and from Royal Oak + Ferndale at the start and end of the night. Includes all night pass.

Leaves Royal Oak/Ferndale at 7:30PM and departs Checker Bar at 1:30AM

Adults 21+ only

Click the “Book Now” button and get your tickets. We’re only selling a few! And when they’re gone they’re gone!




There’s so much cool stuff to do in the city now and SO LITTLE TIME in which to do it. Plus, using Lyft and Uber all the time gets mad expensive if you want to go to multiple places. But what if there was a way we could get to all the rad stuff on, like, one really big car… hm…

FEAR NOT. We’ve got an idea. NIGHT LOOP gets you to all of the dope places downtown and in Corktown for just one price. Yep. Party your face off. Plus! We’ve got a PRO MODE to get you down from Royal Oak and Ferndale so you can party it up car-free. It’s almost like we have functioning public transit! Almost.

DRINK GOOD, DO GOOD: Attending this tour also applies for our Ride for Ride program, so every ticket you purchase is providing a ride for a Detroit kid to school or after school program. If you want details on that, I GOT YOU RIGHT HERE:

NEW THIS YEAR! We’ll have LIVE GPS TRACKING on all of the buses so you can see where our bumpin’ Art Buses are at at all times. Time those shots, people!


There’s a lot going on here, so stay with me. We’re looping through ALL of these major stops continuously all night. These are the places you can get on and off the buses. The other locations we have listed with the stops are just things nearby we listed to be helpful – you can’t actually get on and off at these other places. OK. Let’s go:

  1. Checker Bar! This is Party HQ. This is where the suburban buses will drop off at for PRO MODE and also where you’ll get back on at 1:30AM to go back up. Nearby: POP + Offworld Arcade is upstairs. The Keep. Central Kitchen + Bar. Sweetwater Tavern
  2. The Well! Classic dive. Your gateway to Greektown. We can’t save you if you get lost in Greektown so use the buddy system. Nearby: Literally everything. Buffalo Wild Wings. Delux. Old Shillelagh. Fishbone’s. Firebird Tavern. Standby. You name it.
  3. Punch Bowl Social! Get on on the OTHER side of Broadway, not the side that Punch Bowl is on. It’s hipster fare with bowling and stuff. Be prepared with your buffalo plaid. Nearby: All the stuff on The Belt, like The Skip. Vicente’s Cuban. Mootz Pizza. Queens Bar. Vertical Detroit.
  4. The Royce! Also a chill spot. Wine store and bar. Go around the corner for some jazz at Cliff Bell’s. Next door is Rusted Crow Distillery. Park Bar is a solid bet. Further down the block is Hot Taco, Centaur Bar and Town Pump.
  5. PJ’s Lager House! Great bar and venue with good New Orleans fare if you’re hangry. Usually has a band going so pay the cover and support the arts.
  6. Corktown Tavern! Usually loud AF. Go across the street to the Marathon if you need your Juul up. Bucharest Grill is down the block for cheap tasty Romanian eats. Bobcat Bonnie’s is to the west with fried everything.
  7. Sugar House! The place that started the Detroit craft cocktail movement along with The Oakland. This is a hot block with Slow’s BarBQ, LJ’s Sweetheart Lounge, Mercury Burger Bar, and Grandma Bob’s Pizza with secret Cold Truth Ice Cream inside. Fun fact: DBC HQ is down the block.
  8. TAKOI! Big time tasty with specialized Thai plates. Usually also a party.
  9. Two James Spirits! A distillery in an old taxi depot. They’ve got a cool tasting room and usually whip up some mighty fine cocktails. Nearby: Cork and Gabel around the corner – get the deconstructed potato thing.
  10. MotorCity Wine! Vibey wine bar with tons of music and energy. Great back patio. Emergency eats at the White Castle across the street. ima is down the block for wonderful noodle and rice bowls and sake.
  11. Lafayette Coney Island! The superior coney, obviously. Go downstairs on a Bathroom Adventure. All of the fancy Capitol Park stuff is to the north. Go even further north for Cafe D’Mongo’s Speakeasy for the real real.
  12. Grand Trunk Pub! A total Detroit staple. Excellent burgers and a wild beer selection. Used to be an old ticket office for the trains. Nearby: Shake Shack. BESA. Townhouse Detroit.


LOOP RIDER – 8:00PM to 1:30AM
If you have a LOOP RIDER pass that means you’re just doing the continuous loop around the city. This loop starts running at 8:00PM sharp and stops running at 1:30AM. You’ll see buses at each stop about every 15 minutes.

The last loop begins at 1:00AM so if you want to make it somewhere you should be out looking for buses at 12:45AM or so.

PRO MODE – 7:30PM Pickups in Royal Oak and Ferndale. Returns to ‘burbs from Checker Bar at 1:30AM
If you have a PRO MODE pass that means you’re riding down from the ‘burbs. There are two different buses that pick up at Royal Oak at Gusoline Alley and Ferndale behind Rosie O’Grady’s. They’ll depart those locations at 7:30PM promptly and head for Party HQ which is Checker Bar on Cadillac Square. After those buses drop off they’ll start looping with the other buses.

Since the last loop begins at 1:00AM, you’ll want to be out looking for buses at 12:45AM or so to hitch a ride back to Checker Bar. The buses will depart for the ‘burbs from Checker Bar at 1:30AM promptly.

Refund and Cancellations
Your tickets are fully refundable up to 14 days before the date of your tour. After that period there are no refunds. Sorry to be so mean about it. You’re welcome to reassign your tickets by emailing us at


WAIT. I can really get on and off however much I want?
Yeah bru. You’ll get a pass when you board your first bus that will get you onto any of the buses. FREEEDOOMMMM!!

But where do I start?! What’s the timing?

The Detroit loop starts circulating promptly at 8:00PM between all of the listed stops.

If you’re a LOOP RIDER you can get on at ANY of the stops in Detroit. We’ll have a conductor on each bus that will have your name on the list since you were smart enough to purchase a pass. You bought your pass, right?

If you bought a PRO MODE pass you’ll need to be on the bus by 7:30PM at our Royal Oak stop (Gusoline Alley) or at our Ferndale stop (Behind Rosie O’Grady’s) to get your ride downtown. If you miss the bus you can get your butt downtown and hop on there.

For PRO MODE you’ll want to be back at Checker Bar by 1:30AM if you want a ride back to Royal Oak and Ferndale.

How do I get on a bus at a stop?
The buses will run continuously 

Can I drink on the bus?
Yep, you definitely can. But we want to take it easy because most of the drinking is supposed to happen in the bars! You also can’t have an open container out on the streets in Michigan. 

Can I leave stuff on the bus?
Nah brah. The buses are running continuous shuttles so you might not see the same bus again. We can’t hold onto anything for you.

What if I can’t show up? Will my friend be able to go instead?
Totally. Just let us know ahead of time via and we’ll update your tickets with the new name or send them with your printed tickets.

Will you be selling extra seats at the bus?
Nope. Sorry. All passes gotta be bought online. There’s a limited number of seats and we want you to have plenty of room – no roof riders no matter how cool that might sound.

What about weather SNAFUs?
We live in Michigan. Sometimes Mother Nature likes to throw us a curveball. We keep safety as our highest priority. In case of gnarly weather, you’ll receive an email the day of the event with a raincheck/snowcheck date. If you cannot make the rescheduled date, you’ll get a voucher good for a future tour with us or a refund.

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