Detroit Student Racing Team Tears Down The ’55 Buick

A few weeks ago we started a Detroit Student Racing Team made up of local young people to build their own electric racecar out of an old ’55 Buick Century Special. It’s an ambitious project, but I’m confident we’re going to make it happen together. While this car is getting built they’re going to learn the foundations of road racing and campaign our ’91 Lexus ES250 racecar in a real race.
I’m absurdly proud of the progress our small team has made in just a few weeks. I just got this gallery back from Derek of the big night where we took out the old ’55 Buick drivetrain. We thought we could do it in our allotted 2 hours, but it took just over 3 hours to yank the massive beast with minimal tools.
These students have had very little experience with cars and they just jumped right in. I can’t wait to see how far we can go with this together.

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