Detroit Tours Are Rolling Again! (but we need your help)

Over 15 months ago our whole business came a screeching halt. No charters, no tours, no nothing. I’m overjoyed to share that we’re back on the road and offering tours effectively right this minute.

We’ve taken the last year to make a bunch of changes and updates we know you’ll love. Scofflaws got a new route, more surprises, and updated content. Drunks got less drive time and more fun. Welcome to Detroit is totally reworked with a ton of joy throughout.

But we need you. We need you to snag some tickets and get on the bus so we can get through the “Trough of Sorrow.” Getting anything going is hard, and getting restarted is somehow even harder.

We have all kinds of new adventures planned we want to build. Your support is mega huge to us. Tell a friend. Let’s go have a blast.

Check below for the new listings:

(you rule. xoxo.)

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