Inside Ride for Ride: Matrix Eatz

Okay.. will someone please tell us how it’s already August?! The summer is seriously FLYING BY. We’ve been so busy this season, we’re just now sitting down to share one of our favorite Ride for Rides from the summer. Warning: these photos contain exceptionally tasty foods. We are not responsible for any salivating on phones or keyboards.


So! Back in June, we were approached by some fine folks over at Matrix Head Start with an event idea. Talk about an organization that works hard to serve their community! We couldn’t wait to hear the details, and once we did, we couldn’t wait to say yes. Matrix has recently launched program called Matrix Eatz, which is totally free to any child or parent with a child enrolled in Matrix Head Start. One of the goals of Matrix Eatz is to provide information, tips, and instruction for Matrix Head Start families when it comes to cooking at home. For this Ride for Ride event, the program coordinators wanted to partner with local chefs at Detroit Shipping Company to create an afternoon of cooking, eating, fun, inspiration and nutrition.

Part of the challenge of this event was transportation: we wanted everyone who was able to attend to be there, regardless of if they had a car available or there was a bus route that coincided with the start time. Solution: we sent over one of our most beloved Art Buses, Dr. Sweet, to provide free rides from multiple neighborhoods directly to and from the event itself.

For those who have never visited the DSC, it’s a rad venue in Midtown with a first floor courtyard that has a variety of local eateries, set up food-court style. The emphasis of the afternoon was promoting healthy, easy, and super tasty meals that both kids and adults would be excited about preparing AND eating, and the talented featured chefs did not disappoint! Chef Genevieve Vang from Bangkok96 kicked off the cooking demonstrations, whipping up some superfresh and highly delicious fried rice and spring rolls. For Round 2, Chef Maxcel Hardy from River Bistro Detroit took the stage and wowed everyone with his Curry Chicken Stir Fry. The photos don’t do it justice! Seriously, we can’t browse the gallery of photos without experiencing hunger pains.

If you want to get more info about the programs that Matrix offers (Head Start or otherwise!), check out their website:

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